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Scientists prove George Lucas' Theory was correct

Fake News that's honestly fake

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Thursday, March 22, 2018, 02:28:59 (UTC)

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21 May 2013


"Correct, my theory was. Sue you, I shall."

BRADFORD, Bradfordshire -- Scientists have recently proven that George Lucas was correct when he announced at the start of each Star Wars film that the galaxy represented in the film was "A long time ago" and "Far, far away." Lucas, an astronomer, born in this galaxy very recently, has claimed for many years that the film he took through his telescope of a civil war in another galaxy were of a galaxy a long time ago and far, far away.

Originally critics argued that Star Wars coudn't be about the past as they had really modern,1970's technology and laser guns. However scientists from the University of Bradford have found out that light takes a long time to travel from the galaxy which Lucas filmed to Earth and therefore the "Star Wars" film that George Lucas filmed through his telescope lens did really take place a long time ago.

This new discovery that light takes time to travel was first hypothesised by Albert Einstein (Professor of Astrophysics at University of Bradford), when he claimed that the light travelling down his BT fibreoptic cables took at least a year to get to his TV before he could watch the TV. This meant that he was forced to watch TV from a year ago. He therefore claimed that light must take a long time to travel places and isn't instant. However it turned out that in a study done by Bradford City Council that the reason that the TV was playing last year's TV was because BT's latest Windows 98 computers were so slow at processing that they were a year out of sync.

George Lucas is receiving 20 million dollars for his help in the discovery that light takes a long time to travel. Lucas said that he wasn't going to make any more Star Wars films and had sold the merchandise to Disney so that they could make Star Wars films 7,8 and 9, "Finding Bobba Fett" "Jedi Inc." and "Darth White and the Seven Droids."

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