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Scientists figure out Nature causes Global Warming

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Friday, March 16, 2018, 17:54:59 (UTC)

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3 January 2008


I'm looking at you nature.

SILICON VALLEY, California -- Recently, Scientists have recently discovered that it is not greenhouse gasses that cause global warming but nature itself that contributes to the phenomeon that is global warming. A report on Fox News says that the gasses that trees produce combined with the waste in the soil and the hydrogren in the water rise up into the atmosphere therefore heating the planet. The report has been proven credible as thousands of members of the science industry came to discuss plans to stop global warming forver.

Most scientists came up with a plan that will stop this recent discovery that contributes to global warming. The plan is to remove everything natural and to replace it with artificial stuff like concrete, the artificial stuff will in theory not produce global warming and will indeed cancel out the effects of global warming. Many patrons appaled the idea saying that they need air, water and food to survive but they were immediately dismissed as insane as they have already thought of replacements such as Artificial Air, Brando Thirst Mutilatior and Carl's Jr.

Many enviormentalists protested the idea saying that they need nature. Many also said that they could not possibly survivie off of Carl's Jr. and Brawndo and have started a protest outside of their HQ's respectively, Concerned citizens also tried to get to the point that this was a bad idea but everyone who rejected the idea was forcivly kicked out and never to be seen again. When we questioned when this was going to happen, they said that the conversion to artificlal will happen around the 2010 era, then all of nature will be destroyed and artificially replaced. Our nation agrees "This is the best course for our lovely planet".

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