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Scientists agree that "Zack Hill" may be the worst comic of all time

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018, 13:40:59 (UTC)

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3 August 2011


"Reading this comic will make you go insane and have a vegence against preteens", says Dr. George Firfield.

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas -- Many comic strips of today usually feature a stereotypical preteen as either a major or supporting role. They may be a whiny, spoiled brat; a suggestive, bright child; or a tech savvy, video game addicted smart aleck. The protaganist of the epynomous comic strip Zack Hill falls in the latter. Scientists in Memphis spent 5 weeks reading and observing this comic strip, and have announced their conclusion today. Zack Hill may as well be the worst comic strip to ever be written.

Dr. Robert Marks, head scientist, says,"This comic strip is not funny. It lacks a full creative concept, many characters are under developed, and the kid is so fucking ugly. Eww." Dr. Edward Hughes added, "The fact that it takes two people to produce a terrible comic is just sad. I bet it couldn't even take 18 people to write it, and it would still bomb".

Zack Hill was started by cartoonists John Deering and John Newcombe, who apparently joined forces due to the fact that they shared a first name, and their fetish for masturbating to children's shows.

The strip's cast besides the epynomous character, are Jan Hill (Zack's mother), best friend Henri-Lee (token black kid), homocidal emo Winona Ryder (token emo), crush Tanya (not that hot), and a group of mentally deranged men and women who stay in the Hill's boarding house. One of the guests, Mr. Grumbine, has never made an appearence and lives in a closet, refusing to reveal himself. Fans people that read the strip daily have made guesses it is either Osama bin Laden or Waldo in the room[1].

"It just is a terrible, terrible strip", continues Marks, "it's painful to read. It can damage your penis eyes. I'm surprised it's still published. Now wait a sec while I masturbate to a children's show".

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edit Notes

  1. After bin Laden's morph into a sea turtle, Waldo be the true face of Mr. Grumbine.
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