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Saudi king brings tons of luggage to Sweden

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Friday, March 23, 2018, 21:23:59 (UTC)

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5 March 2017


The Saudi King takes his own escalator to deplane, among other things....

STOCKHOLM, Sweden — Packing light is a foreign concept to Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud, who will bring twelve limousines, nine camels, one sky scraper building, four sand dunes, one fully equipped grand mosque, more than 650,000 tons (metric) of personal luggage, and his own private escalator with him on his month-long trip to Sweden.

King Salman’s entourage will also include a 1,500-strong squad of Mutaween or Saudi Religious Police AKA Mecca Vice, during the trip, which is aimed at forcing Saudi Wahhabi control and Sharia Law on the infidel infested region. According to unnamed and unknown sources, all this comes at a time when the kingdom aims to diversify its foreign policy to reduce its dependency on foreign infidel human rights.

During three weeks in the city of Malmö aka New Meccasthan, the Mutaween gangs plan to lay claim to the area by throwing stones at mailmen, police, firefighters and ambulances who dare to enter any of the more than fifty Sunni no-go zones. Swedish locals eventually will have only one choice, as it says in the Holy Book, "Darul-Isalam-jaa-darul-jung", a world of Islam or a world of war.

After conquering Malmo, the royal dictator will then head to nearby Stockholm to take in, amongst others, one hundred virgin brides to add to the royal Saudi diplomatic mission.

According to airfreight cargo company PT Ali Barnum (PTAB), the elderly king will have twelve Mercedes-Benz S600 limos, along with his 400,000,000 metric tons of baggage, sand, animals, buildings, and other items with him for his trip to Sweden.

“We have been officially appointed to handle shipping all animals and real estate belonging to the king’s entourage aircrafts,” PTAB Director Ali Fatwa said, as reported by the UnJihadi Times. The company will need more than 9,070 staff to accommodate the King’s needs.  

Fatwa reported that the King’s entourage, who are currently in Malmo with him, along with the Mutaween Sin Police, and an additional 800 delegates, including princes, ministers, concubines and eunuchs, all total close to 53,000 Arabs-of-Arabia.

The delegation began to arrive over the last eight years across 360,000 cargo flights. Virtually all luxury hotels in Sweden have been completely booked out by the Islamic paparazzi for the duration of the ‘great transformation.’

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