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Sarkozy: GaDaffy Duck will be 'roast' in weeks

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Monday, March 19, 2018, 01:41:59 (UTC)

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19 March 2011


GaDaffy: "No one tells this bird he can't fly."

PARIS, France -- French skunk President Pepe Le Sarkozy has confidently predicted the conflict in Libya will see the end of Colonel GaDaffy Duck and his bird-brain antics.

At a meeting of responsible allied animal leaders, Pepe Le Sarkozy said that "it was all for one and one for France" and that the next time anyone will see GaDaffy Duck will be "with an orange stuck up his derrière." Sarkozy's words were warmly welcomed by his new friends Winnie the Churchill from Britain, Sheik Ali Baba for the Arab League and President Bugs Obama on behalf of the USA. Other creatures present also added in their squeaks, grunts and roars in support.

In Libya, Colonel GaDuffy Duck denounced the coalition and said he was asking all his soldiers to hide and to "do their retribution business" under the cover of darkness.

Speaking to the media, Colonel GaDaffy made his usual incoherent and indecipherable speech of total resistance. About the only words understood were "..I don't give a flying duck" and that "Donald Trump stands with me the bunker." GaDaffy also said that his much feared all women bodyguard would defend Tripoli with their "special powers" and that they were immune to the perfumed charms of Sarkozy and chums.

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