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Sandy Hook parents vow to do something in wake of tragedy

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Saturday, March 24, 2018, 01:18:59 (UTC)

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15 January 2013


Concerned members of the community holding a vigil for change

Newtown, Connecticut -- A month after the tragic Sandy Hook school shooting that left 26 dead, the Newtown community have vowed to act to prevent an another school shooting. ""I knew we had to act, we needed to do something," said a a co-founder of the Sandy Hook Promise Foundation, an non-profit group that vowed to act to prevent future tragedies.

The foundation aims to, "encourage and support common sense solutions that will make our country safer from similar acts of violence." So far, the organization has not issued a specific agenda. In a memo issue, the foundation said, "We are not here to push a political agenda, but to turn conversation into action, and tragedy into a catalyst for change. We remain, and always will remain open to any common sense solutions to gun violence."

When asked about gun control legislation, one concerned mother said, "I personally believe that restricting access to assault weapons and tougher background checks an obvious part of the solution, and should be implemented immediately. However, not everyone here feels that way. While I think a majority will support Obama's proposed gun control initiatives, most people are undecided. Some have called for armed guards at school, others have called for arming teachers, and few have called for arming students. The solution probably lies somewhere in the middle, or possibly at one extreme or the other. I am not so intellectually arrogant that I think I can't learn from others, or that my opinion is necessarily the best. The important thing is that we must act by doing something for the sake of the children."

"We are looking into other proposals to," she continued, "We are considering the issue of mental health. Some people have suggested that the government isn't doing enough treat mental health. Others are suggesting that the government is doing too much, and in psychotic people are left to their own devices, they will tend to commit suicide, rather than launch murderous rampages. Still others have suggested that vaccines cause psychotic behavior. In a way, everyone is right, and something must be done."

"We aren't just about legislative initiatives, we also believe community involvement is important in creating meaning change," said one concerned citizen, "We have organized several candle light vigils, public marches, and moments of silence for the victims to create change. Additionally, we suggest that our members share and like images on facebook to change society."

The foundation prides itself on its non-ideological agenda, and desire to unite all people for change. "I have heard several new and exciting ideas in the few meetings, I have attended," said one community activist. "Normally, I tend to associate in left wing circles, and that may have limited my viewpoint. Some people have suggested that God caused, or rather, failed to prevent, the school shooting because of a lack of prayer in public schools. No, personally, I would not worship a god like that. But, one should remain open to the existence of vengeful and wrathful deities who must be propitiated to avert disaster. Even if you don't like appeasing a wrathful deity, it is better than another school shooting. One member even suggested that the legalization of gay marriage was to blame. I don't everything the was right, but it might not be wronger To be honest, all I know is that we must keep and open mind and can't keep doing nothing."

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