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Samsung today announced that they would be making phones using older technology such as touch screens that can only be used with one finger or buttons which move from icon to icon like on those older PDAs anybody remember them?

The move comes after the lawsuits to decide who owns many multi-touch patents for smartphones ruled in Apple's favor banning imports of their phones from sale in the US. Apple have made history with this lawsuit told competitors they cannot make a modern phone with features such as multi-touch screens, gesture recognition, speech recognition, face recognition, cock recognition (definitely apple), tongue recognition, etc unless you are us. This will shake up the market as most modern smartphones use multi-touch screens and rounded corners.

Samsung have said that the logical next step is to go back to basics and completely make an original phone. They have said that they will have to stop using the technologies owned by apple such as multi-touch screens {which are in most modern smartphones by many manufacturers} and rounded corners so they are going back to basics and they plan to release a flip phone which uses buttons to move around the interface and it also has the option of a touch screen which only allows one finger to be used at a time thus not violating any patents.

Samsung say they are excited about the move and that it feels refreshing to be making a modern mobile phone which is so original and doesn't use any modern technology which is used in most smartphones today.

When asked how they will compete with Apple's multi-touch technology in the iPhone Samsung replied they will make their own innovations in the interface and even let slip that they are now working on face recognition technology which allows a person to make funny faces at their phone in order to control it. They also said they will make phones which last more than a year before something better and faster comes out unlike their stingy competitor "cough" "cough" Apple.

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