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Saddam sentenced to death

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Friday, March 23, 2018, 07:45:59 (UTC)

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5 November 2006

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Saddam's brother, Mel Gibson is expected to also go in front of the court for his own crimes which consist of committing genocide against Jews.

Iraqi Special Tribunal: Today the former president of Iraq Saddam "Bucky" Hussein was sentenced to death by hanging on the charges of war crimes, genocide, crimes against Hip-Hop, contributing to Operation E-Coli,secret ties with Canada ,and the murder of ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson. It had been 3 years since Saddam was found and captured hiding in an underground "spider hole" at a farmhouse in ad-Dawr which Bush's intelligence reportedly thought was trying to dig a hole towards America so he can plant "Weapons of Mass Explosions".

Like wildfire a mass wave of people rallied in the streets of Iraq celebrating for the court's decision on Saddam's fate. Though 2 minutes later they immediately rushed back to their homes after 6 cases of car bombings on the highways, 16 suicide bombings in public areas , and 12 abductions by terrorists.

Saddam Hussein was still defiant even after given the court's decision. Leaving the courtroom he repeatedly yelled "Allah loves me because I'm Saddam Hussein bitch!" and lastly saying "Allah spits on Bush and his dirty army of Elephants!"


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