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SJWs demand more life principles than yin-yang

Every time you think, you weaken the nation —Moe Howard

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Saturday, January 20, 2018, 10:55:59 (UTC)

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9 December 2017


Politically Correct Fortune Telling?

UC Berkeley, United State of California -- A growing number of California’s noble Social Justice Warriors are refusing to accept only two principles - Yin & Yang - on philosophy in fortune telling; apparently this is because they do not identify with either or because they are going through a personal transition into full blown insanity.

Poland, Brazil and Sarkhan now offer additional reality principles in PC editions of the once great iChing, with other expanded PC editions set to follow suit. Some of the additional principles added to Yin & Yang include Yon, Yung, and Yam. Other groups have suggested adding Aa, Ee, Eye, Oh and Yoo. In fact, there are almost unlimited life principles to be added in PC Science & Philosophy.

But what do the Chinese think? Do we really need to re-imagine our binary reality and rethink the most basic principles of existence? Should the iChing be called the WeChing, or the usChing, or perhaps the LGBT-Ching? Do the Chinese “yellow supremists’ think this issue is bonkers?

Divine is Brazil's first transgender life sciences woman, although since it has not been possible legally to change your gender, she was sworn in under her old name, as Pedro. "I've been saying for more than a week that politically correct philosophical categories must be expanded, otherwise gender is just a way to deny or grant rights to males, females or shemales only.”


Divine - the left’s new face of PC science will replace that ‘dweb’ THE Science Guy

"It is exactly the same with gender. If you are male, you have rights that females don't have, such as standing up while taking a piss; meanwhile the non-scientific and bogus categories of male and female are still being used to prevent women from using a male standup urinal. And I mean, seriously, how can you advertise a toilet as female or male? A toilet is an inanimate place, so how can it be female or male, or yin or yang?” Divine queried, unsuccessfully.

"I think the idea of unlimited genders as well as limitless philosophical principles, beyond simply Yin/Yang, will be the first step toward a glorious future in which gender considerations will be completely make believe, even in divinitory tools such as the new weChing.

"It could help solve the dilemma of some of the gender fluid people in Berkeley or Brazil who are unable to scientifically or philosophically exist. They are also not able to vote or masturbate in church, and in general they are deprived of many basic rights - in particular, the right to predict the future as a weChing fortune teller.

"We can see the possibility of multi-principle fortune telling whenever you talk about a retrosexual man, or when you see women who dress themselves in pink vagina outfits.” Divine continued. "That's part of a gender fluid world in which you are not prevented from making up the future while using principle-expanded paraphernalia such as the weChing.

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