Russel Brand offends some Spaniard

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Sunday, June 17, 2018, 21:58:59 (UTC)

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30 October 2008


The Spaniard hearing Brand discuss his granddaughter's clitoris.

LONDON, ENGLAND -- Scruffy emo and Marilyn Manson lookalike, Russell Brand, who had somehow been working at the BBC for quite a while, has finally been discovered after offending a Spanish person. Brand left several lewd messaegs on the illegal immigrant's answering machine, regarding his granddaughter during a radio programme. The BBC noticed something was up when they listened to the tape and heard some rather curious noises but decided to let it air anyway, under the title of Something completely different.

When the show was played on the Radio just after afternoon tea earlier today, millions of monocles simultaneously shattered on the floors of stately homes. The Prime Minister himself, who by the way really ought to have had something more important to do, made several complaints. Firstly as to how the Spaniard got into the country, and then how a person such as Russell Brand had gotten onto British radio. The Spaniard was also very angry but eventually made a public statement saying, "I'm from Barcelona, I know nothing!" and dropped the matter. His granddaughter was also initally very upset but she too dropped the issue when it was revealled she was in fact a Satanic Slut.

After a lot of fistshaking, the BBC decided it had better repay everyone for their broken monocles and Russell Brand quitely crept over to America to persue a career in the film industry.

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