UnNews:Rule 34 community reaches consensus : the Spaceballs Cartoon sucks too much to be worth 34'ing

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Rule 34 community reaches consensus : the Spaceballs Cartoon sucks too much to be worth 34'ing

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Monday, March 19, 2018, 07:26:59 (UTC)

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15 October 2008


Apparently, this sucks way too hard to '34

Somewhere in Teh Internets Land In a stunning move, and an exception to Rule 34, it was decided today by paheal, the official governing body of Rule 34, that the new Mel Brooks Spaceballs cartoon was simply too much of a piece of shit to be worth '34-ing.

"Let me tell you, this was really hard to do" said Lyle Cornbrook, spokesman for the Rule 34 governing body, "Our original vision for Rule 34 was that there would be no exceptions. It says so right there in the rule. But have you seen the Spaceballs cartoon? I mean, what a pile of rotten donkey forskins that pile of diseased camel pus is. It's just not worth our time."

All 34's of the movie the cartoon is based on are also banned, given the cartoon is so terrible, it dragged the movie down with it by association.

"The real tragedy is, there are a lot of great '34 situations you can come up with with no effort regarding spaceballs. Like, um, ok, say Dark Helmet teabagging Lone Star while Skroob is fapping in the corner and coming on both of them and Yogurt is selling tickets to the thing. Or how about princess whats her name and the chick robot getting it on while Barf cornholes both of them. And I didn't even make an effort there, see that was off the cuff. I could come up with much more perverted shit. I mean, turning almost everything put out by the entertainment industry and other fields of human endeavor into porn is what our mission is. Because turning everything into porn, just makes it more awesome and better" Said Lyle, while fapping to a youtube video of suriname toads emerging from their mother's back.

"Except Spaceballs. Spaceballs officially sucks. And for the record, so does Young Frankenstein. No '34 on any Mel Brooks properties until he gets his act together"

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