Roy Moore still holding out in Alabama

Truth doesn't "live here" — It's just camping out

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Monday, December 10, 2018, 23:50:59 (UTC)

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24 January 2018


Roy Moore and Sassy.

Montgomery, Alabama, USA -- Former USA Republican Party Senate candidate Roy Moore is still refusing to concede to his loss last December in the special Senatorial Election in Alabama. He remains convinced he lost the election to Democratic Party rival Hillary Clinton Doug Jones to what he sees as the illegal enfranchisment of Homosexuals, Atheists Communists, Liberals, Yankees and 'Negroes'.

Speaking from his current encampment deep in Cahaba River National Wildlife Refuge, Moore and his band of hold outs are convinced that they are right and that God is mighty upset with the Alabama for its sinful choice.

We're gonna get to Washington D.C. once God has made His decision. I urge everyone to join me in at my camp. Bring food and your horse with yah. My horse Sassy is still me. She's the kinda girl you need here. Well at least for now till I get back to the mall.


Camp Moore. Lunchtime.

Moore says he is still receiving plenty of 'quiet' support from President Donald Trump. He hopes that when the current Attorney General Jeff Sessions gets the bullet, he could at least do that job. Sassy would also require re-stabling.

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