Ronald McDonald invades Nazi Germany to find it is not there

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Friday, December 7, 2018, 02:58:59 (UTC)

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16 May 2007


Ronald McDonald shown here giving his speech to all the inhabitants of Nazi Germany.

Hamburger and Frankfurter, Germany -- Ronald McDonald made a special visit to where Nazi Germany once stood to finally give his rally speech to all of its inhabitants when he came to a shocking realization. Nazi Germany isn't there any more!

"I don't understand!" said McDonald, "I have been planning this rally since 1944, and when I finally get all the kinks out of it, no one is here? What the hell did I miss?" When asked how he felt about this, McDonald proceeded to eat the balls off of three reporters in sheer anger of the event.

He ran out of the building shortly afterward in a fit of anger and frustration, and ran to his expensive condo located in Beverly Hills, and began his two week Booze-Fest.

As our next step we contacted McDonalds HQ to ask some questions about the current state of Ronald McDonald. To save us some time McDonalds actually called us, just before we called them

Reporter: "Hello?"

McDonalds: "Yeah, hey mario, I'd like three double cheese pizzas, hold the mayo."

McDonalds proceeded to hang up the phone. Damn pranksters. Because we have not been able to contact McDonalds, or Ronald McDonald we are currently unable to tell what will become of this beloved child icon, and Nazi leader.