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Rice to Serbians: This is madness!

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Saturday, March 24, 2018, 03:02:59 (UTC)

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24 February 2008


Condoleeza Rice voices her concerns.

Condoleeza Rice today stepped up to offer her outrage at the attack on American diplomats. Miss Rice, speaking from the bottom of a bottomless pit in SerbiAAAAAA, had this to say:

"We were very reasonable. We tossed Saddam's head infront of them and then demanded nothing but a bit of earth and water. A very large bit of earth and water that happens to be called Kosovo."

SerbiAAAAAAn ambassador Leosovicnidas was not pleased, and ended up kicking the chief US diplomat into a pit and then burning down the American embassy. Secretary of state Rice commented: "What they did was not only blasphemy, it was madness."


Serb protesters retort

Serb rioters however were unrepentant as they burned american flags, Kosovo flags, the american embassy, and at least one serb rioter. The last one is debatable as it may be a case of spontaneous human combustion. When one gets so pissed off there's a point, Fahrenheit 451, at which they simply burst into flames and their head asplode.

President Bush, upon being notified of the situation, immediately declared: "AmericAAAAANS! Tonight we bomb in Bell...grade."

He then asked where Belgrade was. No word on whether he's found it yet, however local residents of the Sebian capital are said to be "preparing for glory."

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