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Reviewing Barrack Obama's 1st Year As President

Democracy Dies with Dignity

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Sunday, March 18, 2018, 06:35:59 (UTC)

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19 January 2010


President Obama, trying to ensure the World that he might actually get something done in the next three years, at a press conference.

WASHINGTON, D.C., US of A -- It's been exactly a year, more or less, since Senator Barack Obama stepped into the White House. America, and the entire World was full of hope. Hope which, as time passed, was shattered into millions of pieces by the very man who caused it. Will this, the most powerful man in the world, be able to make a difference, or was he just making empty promises? Reviewing the past year, our journalists have come up with the following list of accomplishments:

  1. Nothing

This includes not having done enough to save the banks, the car industry, the homeowners, the lower/middle/upper classes or small businesses, sending help to Haiti which failed to help the Haiters, and more.

Where have all those campaign promises gone? Will Barack Obama turn out to be an even greater disappointment than George Bush? How will he handle the current situation, and will he manage to do anything? Only time will tell. Unfortunately, Obama was unavailable for comment, when asked about this issue.

Not all is as bleak as it seems however, as Obama did manage to win a Nobel Peace Prize for doing absolutely nothing. So far he is the only person to have accomplished this very impressive feat. Accusations that this prize was simply a method of forcing him to make a difference were proved wrong by Obama's speaking much and doing nothing at all.

Will President Obama stay true to himself and finish his presidency the way he started it, or will he get to work in this next year, forced by his ever dropping approval rating? Only time can tell us for sure.

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