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Retailers pull Grand Theft from shelves

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Saturday, March 17, 2018, 16:23:59 (UTC)

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4 December 2014

Megumi Igarashi

Japanese porn artist and Vagina Kayaker Megumi Igarashi said the market should rely on women for media that abuse women.

LOS ANGELES, California -- Grand Theft Auto V has been removed from the shelves of a large retailer after an on-line petition complained that it encourages the murder of women.

Target Australia complained that the game is merely supposed to glorify stealing cars, out-racing police, visiting strip clubs, and hiring prostitutes; not indeed slamming their heads into walls and stabbing them. The chain said that customers who want media that encourage abuse of women will be referred to the Music and Movies Department.

Rockstar Games executive Strauss Zelnick called the decision to stop selling the game disappointing. "Our game explores mature themes, like many other groundbreaking entertainment properties. I stand behind our games, the people who create them, the consumers who play them, and the bitches who are dragged behind stolen cars in them."

Controversy has swirled around the 17-year-old franchise. In 2005, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was pulled when police, after days of investigating the game at their desks, discovered that the game contained cookies.

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