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The Romney campaign released this photographic proof of the Obama campaign's redirect of the tropical storm.

TAMPA, Florida -- Today, the Romney campaign officially placed the blame for the coming tropical storm, storm Issac, squarely on President Obama.

The Romney campaign stated, "We have confirmed reports that Obama owns a weather-influencing voodoo doll and personally hired a shaman to do a more-lively-than-usual rain dance on the future convention site in Tampa, Florida. We plan to call him out for his voodoo practices and other practices of paganism to prove that not only is he a Muslim, but he's a pagan, too! This storm is coming in just six days, and its headed straight for the Republican Convention. This is no coincidence, that's for sure. Its a government conspiracy of dark, evil, dark, scary, dark, black magic. Everyone knows Republicans are Christians, so God cannot possibly be to blame for this, so it must be dark magic, powered by the enemy of God. After all, God is on our side, and would never let the hurricane wash out our convention.

The Obama campaign released a statement saying, "These allegations are ridiculous. If these folks had any sense, they would have located the convention as far away from the ocean as possible during hurricane season, like somewhere in the Midwest, for example."

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