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17 May 2008


"These aren't the black children you're looking for..."

CHICAGO, Illinois(AP)-- A report released today by the FuxNews Corporation alleges that Illinois Senator and Democratic Nominee hopeful Barack Obama may have fathered as many as two black children over the past decade.

The report, which FuxNews posted on their website early this morning, claims that an African-American woman "very close to Obama's campaign" gave birth to a daughter in 1998, and another in 2001. FuxNews would go on to charge that "Malia" and "Natasha" are in fact Senator Obama's offspring.

Obama has declined to comment on the report, but rival Democratic Candidate Hillary Clinton had this to say: "I think Senator Obama needs to come clean with the American people." She went on to add "I didn't spend six years in a Viet-Cong prison camp being beaten and tortured day in and day out so our elected officials could run around planting their seeds in whichever exotic garden they please and then hide the truth about their sins of the flesh from the people who they are elected to serve. Is this really the kind of change that we want for America?"

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