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Rednose Day deepens understanding

We distort, you deride

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Sunday, March 25, 2018, 00:05:59 (UTC)

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17 March 2007


"Giving myself The Aids will save any number of Africans"

London, England -- In a desperate attempt to narrow the gap between the first and third world, Rednose fund raisers have come up with some unusual ideas. Among the more seriously fugged up ones, was Jack O'Keaner performance art of injecting himself with the HIV virus.

In front of a live studio audience, Mr. O'Keaner, stuck a 1 inch hypodermic needle into his left arm, stating "I hope i find a vain, cuz my groin vain is overused, and anyway Little Jack shouldn't have to suffer for Africa" He instantly raised 40 thousand pounds that was used to pay off his heroin debt.


Speaking to the class, Mbata made popping noises without putting her finger in her mouth

In Wales, a welsh school held a "War Torn Classroom" fund raiser, where they invited Ak-Mbata to make a appearance to raise awareness on how it is to live in a land ravished by war. "And also we wanted to scare the fat kids a bit." says teacher, Pauline O'Pearl. Asked about what she thought of the difference of circumstances between the kids in Wales and her home country, Ak-Mbata clucked like a chicken and hit the buck-tooth girl with the pigtails in the head with the butt of her riffle (raising 5 pounds.)

Comik Relief

The 2007 event marks exactly 70 years since the Nazi Party's then little known experiement began.

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