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This article is part of UnNews UnNews Logo Potato1 We distort, you deride
Pandemic 2

The game that started all this Swine flu nonsense.

The world was shocked today when the WHO announced that the Swine flu had reached a level six pandemic. What was even more surprising was when they discovered that the infection was a simple game played by a tween, 12 year old flash game enthusiast Gerald Smalls, in the popular game Pandemic 2. "The game had started simply enough with the infection starting in Mexico," the tween, "but I set the speed to real time and gave my friends updates on it's progression." Unfortunately, some how the news got further than just Gerald's friends and got to the national news and the WHO.

"We thought that it was a real infection. With reported death's coming in from Mexico going up to a little over a hundred. Then when news came in that it had spread to other countries, we raised the pandemic level to six. Stupid kids always making things up makes me sick. I've got a fever, coughing, headache, pain in my muscles and joints, sore throat, chills, fatigue and a runny nose [1] just thinking about the lies these kids spread." Says WHO researcher John Wellington.

Most people haven't calmed down over the scare yet however, some people have refused to leave there home and some countries have begun to consider closing their borders, except for Madagascar, which shut down the entire country 2 weeks ago when a man in Brazil sneezed[2].

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