UnNews:Rally driver Colin McRae dies; Game developers at a loss

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Rally driver Colin McRae dies; Game developers at a loss

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Thursday, March 22, 2018, 12:34:59 (UTC)

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18 September 2007

SUTTON WHOM, England (UnNews) -- The world was shocked yesterday to learn of the death of Colin McRae, famous for his series of video games. The latest of the "Colin McRae's Rally" games, Rally 5, is currently in limbo, as developers debate what to do with it. "I mean, we could find a new backer for the game," said lead designer Marc Goldstein. "I'm sure there's some other famous rally racer out there who could- Oh. Shit."

Helicopter 1

McRae died in a helicopter, shown here. Unlike the helicopter shown here, McRae's is not intact.

McRae's unexpected demise came in the form of a helicopter crash, the details of which are sketchy. "We can safely say McRae crashed into something with his helicopter, most likely a solid object," said Scotland Yard official Ron Howley. English citizens were shocked to hear of McRae's death. "Who now?" asked Larry Bridges, an English stockbroker, when prompted on his reactions to McRae's death. "I fail to see why McRae did not maneuver out of the way from whatever it was with the derring-do he was known for," said Linda James, a homemaker.

Codemasters, the developers of the series, is currently expressing bafflement on which direction to go with the nearly completed project. "We could always just change a few models and end up calling it 'Super Fun Karts.' I'm sure it would sell better that way, anyway," said Goldstein. "Board meetings have been pretty amusing recently, though. One executive even insisted we make it a helicopter flight simulator." Codemasters has not been in a situation like this since its game "Steve Irwin's Underwater Adventures" for PC was in Post-Production in 2006.

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