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Rabbi, Priest defend simultaneous visit to bar

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018, 04:00:59 (UTC)

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9 September 2010

NEW YORK CITY -- In response to recent criticism, Rabbi Herschel Berezovsky and Reverend Michael Monaghan today defended their decision to visit the same bar, together with a Mormon elder, James Smith.

Upon entering the bar, the bartender, a Mr. Robert 'Big Bob' Thompson, commented upon the unusual nature of the threesome and asked them if it was 'some sort of joke'. The three were visibly upset by this comment, but nevertheless stayed and had several drinks, with Elder Smith consuming seven shots of tequila in quick succession, followed by a large amount of vodka, consumed, at his request, in a pint glass.

Rabbi Berezovsky believes that the visit helped to ease tensions between religious groups, stating that Rev. Monaghan is his 'best friend' and that the two have made tentative plans to ride across America on unicycles.

Critics have stated that the exclusion of an imam, a Tibetan monk and a druid will hinder ecumenical progress in the future, but, as Monaghan pointed out, 'well, that would be going a bit far, now, wouldn't it?'

Elder Smith is currently in rehab.

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