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6 April 2010


The Queen has taken action and has dissolved THIS lump of sugar in a cup of tea.

LONDON, England -- After the last twelve controversial months in which England has seen the Labour Party struggle to keep control of the Country, the Queen has taken action and has dissolved a lump of sugar in a cup of tea. The move came after the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, visited the Queen and asked her permission to call for an election, therefore starting the electoral campaigns due to end on May 6th.

Gordon Brown is keen to let the public understand that although he is in favour of Immigration he will take harsh action towards anyone who holds any animosity towards long held British traditions such as "High Tea”, and dissolving a lump of sugar in a cup of tea, as demonstrated by Her Majesty the Queen.

The next month will play host to the campaigns of both the Labour and the Conservative Parties, both have strong policies and strong leaders meaning that at this time there is no indication of who will be entering 10 Downing Street on May 7. But “Tea Time” is for certain.


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