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Putin is tired of listening to Pussy Riot

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Saturday, March 24, 2018, 23:58:59 (UTC)

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19 August 2012


Putin was tired of listening to Pussy Riot and got them convicted.

MOSCOW --Three young Russian women who are part of a female punk collective called Pussy Riot just wanted to be in the spot light inside a Russian Orthodox church, but Vladimir Putin was tired of listing to them, "I'm tired of how I'm treated since the last election, and their music is conceited 'unrussian'". so he decided to have all 3 band members arrested and got sentence 2 years in jail.

Because of Putin's actions, he cause the whole world to go nuts for something that was completely uncalled for (based on most others opinion). Most of the protest happens outside of the Russian Embassys in major cities (Like New York) and wearing anything Pussy Riot related. "I feel like that Pussy Riot shouldn't be arrested for protesting against Putin, I think it's complete bullshit" Some guy said. Someone in Russia said "We have been protesting for months because of Putin's actions and it's a wounder why he didn't get all of us arrested, I feel like, why are you arresting 3 innocent band members when they were like all of us".

It first started back in February 2012 when the band want to at least to made a music video to promote their music and the members of the Orthodox church got really pissed off at them, for just making a video, Someone in the church said "Who in the world are they thinking, they are offending both the Orthodox Church and offending God, that is just plain wrong and they should be arrested". But they mostly wanted to respect God, so pretty much, they misunderstood of what the band was doing and the band end up getting arrested.

Back in the United States, the Obama administration sticking their nose in their business (like they always do) feels like what they are doing, that Vladimir Putin is going way out of control. Some guy in the administration tells them to use the power of the 1st amendment. Another person in the administration said that the Russian judicial system is all 'one sided'.

The father of one of the band members said "What, do we have to suffer what we had to go through, Russia is nether turning back into the Soviet Union again, or maybe turning into a Middle Eastern country, After 5 months for being imprisoned, I don't think they want anymore time inside"

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