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Putin adversary dies; the West is baffled

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018, 04:03:59 (UTC)

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1 March 2015

Boris Nemtsov

Nemtsov during a happier moment, which now would have been pretty near any of them.

MOSCOW, Russia -- Boris Nemtsov for years has been a thorn in Vladimir Putin's side, but Nemtsov now has the come-uppance of four new bullet holes in his own back.

Mourners gathered on Sunday on the bridge near the Kremlin where the shots were fired. They were consoled by a massive police presence, the officers explaining that the death has officially been ruled a quadruple suicide — a tragic event, as the necessary dexterity and stamina meant it was a loss of true talent.

If not a suicide, they said, it might have been the work of Islamic terrorists making it look as though Putin had him killed in retaliation for a radio interview, hours earlier, where Nemtsov decried the "mad, aggressive and deadly war against Ukraine." Putin spokesmen said it showed uncanny cleverness for the enemies of Russia to rub out an enemy of Russia just to make Mr. Putin look bad.

Mr. Nemtsov was reportedly working on an indictment of the Russian military for stage-managing the violence in the Ukraine. Investigators searched his apartment and seized his laptop, for the obvious purpose of publishing his work to set the record straight.

In the U.S., the Obama Administration took a consistent view with its remarks on ISIS. Marie Harf at the State Department said, "We need to go after the root causes, whether it's lack of opportunity for jobs. What makes kids pick up an AK-47 instead of trying to start a business?" Fortunately, thousands of jobs on the Crimea River are about to become available for ethnic Russians. This means that the Department of Defense and NASA, which have been re-purposed toward "outreach to Muslims," will not have to be re-re-purposed toward outreach to Russian assassins, who will now choose more productive endeavors on their own.

At the United Nations, Ambassador Susan Rice said she had recently viewed another YouTube video that might have inflamed passions in Moscow and led to the suicide/murder/whatever. Likely Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton declined to call it either murder or suicide, asking, "What difference, at this point, does it make?"

The Administration recently concluded a National Summit on Violent Extremism. Although Secretary of State John Kerry recently told the House Foreign Affairs Committee that "we are actually living in a time of less daily threat to Americans than during the Cold War," the Summit concluded that worldwide violence was mostly the cause of the Tea Party movement. It reminded Americans that Sarah Palin, who would have been able to see the fateful Moscow bridge from the Governor's Office in Juneau, once used bullseyes to mark Democrats for electoral defeat, and that surely her crazy gun-rights fans could have taken out Nemtsov.

However, Mr. Obama has this threat in hand, moving last week to ban a type of bullet as "threatening to police" that has never been used to kill any policeman. So this whole thing is old news. It is time to move on.

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