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Printer software perform not operation possible

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Friday, March 23, 2018, 09:41:59 (UTC)

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14 January 2011


Unfortunate error has occur.

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania -- The printer software has perform operation not possible and will currently shut down, the printer software reported Friday. Though the exact cause of operation not possible is currently unknown, the printer software added that unknown driver for installing was failed to locate and that re-installation may be best option for re-installation.

When consulted, the product manual for the printer software failed to elucidate what further steps need to be taken. "When printer software unexpected shut down," read the "TECHNIC ERROR SUPPORT" section of the manual, "that may be problem with installation driver. For best result, begin the re-install of drivers or try install flesh disk." The manual also listed what may have been a tech support phone number, although it could just be a registration code or something, because the text above it is in Japanese.

"It is not unlikely for this particular brand of printer software to perform operation not possible," said computer software expert and CNet reviewer Greg Chaimley. "It is a known error that printer software stop work and begin shutdown immedately. It's hard to determine the best fix for it, though."

When attempts were made to reboot the printing software, similar results occurred. Upon the third reboot, however, the software began to refuse to start-up altogether. The software explained this behavior by noting that driver cannot be found on that compuper, and that driver was not install on computer. Re-install driver with new CD for best result of progress. Attempts to re-install the software were similarly unsuccessful, however, because, as the computer explained, softwale already located on this CPU do not attempt install for reason; text box will close now if OK is press.

When reached for comment, printer software owner Jeff Killick, 42, only would comment, "Son of a bitch. I knew I shouldn't have bought this Japanese discount shit."

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