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Pope Benedict's Facebook Account Hacked By Protestants

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Thursday, March 15, 2018, 21:55:59 (UTC)

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1 July 2009

Europe/Italy/The Vatican


The Pope, backed by Jesus, had his Facebook account hacked by Protestant Hackers

Pope Benedict XVI had a Facebook page set up called Pope2You, and his Holiness got a lot of fans from his Facebook page. But recently Protestant Hackers took over the Pope's Facebook account.

First the Protestant Hackers had posted that Purgatory does not exist and that Catholics should not pray to Saints anymore. That people are free to do only evil, not good. That people fall through total depravity and guilt.

Catholics were shocked to read that, but the Protestant Hackers continued on. They posted that the Pope supported condom use and talked about appointing female Bishops. Then they posted that the sit, stand, kneel part of Catholic church services is no longer required. That Martin Luther was correct about the Catholic Church and that the Protestants have the right form of Christianity and that all Catholics will undergo a Protestant conversion.

Then the Protestant Hackers got drunk, and started to write even more controversial statements. Now the Catholic church will support Gay Marriage and Abortion, and recognize and adopt Islamic Law. Not only that but they posted that Richard Dawkins may be correct about Evolution disproving the Catholic Bible and that Atheists are now accepted as members of the Catholic church and that the Church will teach Evolution and Natural Selection and amend the Catholic Bible to support those things.

Then they posted that the Catholic church will offer free Jesus Juice to the homeless as well as a new Host Wafer based on Ritz crackers. After that it became Obvious that the Pope's Facebook account was taken over by Protestant Hackers.

Facebook banned the Protestant Hackers by IP address and erased all of the nonsense and reset the password and gave control back to The Pope.

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