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Poll shows voters associate words with candidates

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Sunday, March 18, 2018, 05:44:59 (UTC)

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7 July 2008

WASHINGTON DC - UNN A recent poll by Associated Press shows that voters are beginning to form associations between the major party candidates in the election for the American Presidency and words. The survey was taken over a weekend in various places around the United States illustrates how the average American now associates certain words with Democratic Senator Barack Obama and Republican Senator John McCain.

While certain words tend to be associated with one candidate or another, both candidates scored high with "Man", similarities ended there.

When asked about Barack Obama, respondents stated that the first words that came to their minds included "Black", "Liberal", "Change" and "Menthol Cigarette Smoker".

When asked about Senator John McCain, the same respondents stated that the words "White", "POW", "Methuselah" and "Switch Hitter" came to mind.

Word association was impacted based on geographic location. In rural Alabama, Obama drew associations such "Jungle Bunny" and "Tar Baby" with racist White voters. On Cleveland's near east side, gangsta voters associated the words "Pasty" "Whitey" and "Buick Owner" with McCain.

However when respondents were asked about the wives of the candidates, the associations were much more pointed. Cynthia McCain was polled as a "Home Wrecker", "Vampiress" and "Zsa Zsa Gabor". Michelle Obama faired better with "Professional", "strong" and "Dyke-a-Delic".

Pollsters also visited several Alzheimer Care Units and spoke to residents who generally associated the words "Who", "STOP!" and "My daughter put me here but I have all of my faculties, Oprah - can I get my free car now?"

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