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It's time for Roman Dog Bird to give me a quickie!

Did you know that...

...the popular game SimIsle is John Stamos approved?

...when Xzibit pimps your ride, you must give him a 10 pound box of Snickers bars, otherwise he will blow your motherfucking brains out with his .45, or as he likes to call it, his "Neener"?

...in the State of Maryland, it's required by Law to watch all Tenchi Muyo! episodes by age 14?

...Lying is the Most Fun a Girl can have Without taking Her Clothes off?

...Bill Cosby invented the Shrink Ray in Detroit in 1974?

...Britney Spears does NOT appear in this movie?

...when scientists tried to attach Shaq's Penis to Verne Troyer's body, they couldn't perform the operation all the way because the Domino's Guy came to the house, and he brought (oddly enough) the drummer from KoЯn?

...pieing someone in the face with an apple pie is a lot more kickass then doing it with a whipped cream pie?

...I only care about my opinions, and that I don't give a flying Fuck about YOURS?

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