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Police Suspect Guilty-looking Puppy Dog

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Thursday, February 22, 2018, 01:58:59 (UTC)

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23 August 2008

Puppy pleads guilty

Is "Major Butterwinkle" guilty or not? You decide.

SEAL BEACH, California -- After a wonderful, much deserved night out for dinner and a movie, a Seal Beach Architect returned to her humble home only to discover that it was a "disaster". Sitting in the corner on the rug was her new puppy dog "Major Butterwinkle" who, when asked if he was to blame, hung his head and looked, well, guilty. The woman took a photo of Major Butterwinkle and sent it to police and requested an immediate investigation.

Police arrived at the 200 block of Dolphin Way and investigated the complaint. Officer McIntyre approached Major Butterworth and asked all the standard questions: "Are you the one who shredded the newspaper all over the house? Was it you who flipped over your bowl of water, carried it thru the house, and plopped it down in the bedroom? Did you poop in the kitchen? Are you a bad little puppy-wuppy doggie-woggie?!" Major Butterwinkle did not verbalize a response, although neighbors and the Police felt that he did look extremely guilty.

The police left at approximately 11 p.m. The victim took a warm bath and went to bed after the long day. Major Butterwinkle went to beddy-bye's. All was forgotten by the next morning.

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