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Playstation 3 is second hand junk

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018, 05:58:59 (UTC)

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13 November 2006

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Playstation 3

Riots in Tokyo

TOKYO, Japan -- Playstation 3, the new console that came out in Japan last Saturday, has already gone wrong. Faulty Playstations from Sony have hit the second hand market, with many owners putting them up for sale on the World Wide Web.

When the new console arrived at stores on Nov. 11, it sold out very quickly. From the five that were sent out from the factory, none were left by the end of the day, leaving many would-be customers unhappy with their trip to the city. However, they are now the ones taunting the people with the PS3s.

"Some guy from another school was taunting me today, so I hit him where it hurt," a Sophia University student, Tokyo.

Violence is erupting in the city of Tokyo between gangs of people with the console and gangs of people without. Most of the antagonism, however, is coming from the gang with Playstations, trying to give their PS3s away, but the enemy won’t take them.

"My new toy was going wrong, and was beaming out lasers from the power socket," Mr. Kutaka, Tokyo.

In fact, Sony has had trouble making these parts. They are suspected for causing the faults.

"I deny that there is anything wrong with the PS3," The PS3 Ken Kutaragi, President and CEO of Sony, "the events customers are describing is probably an effect of the powerful graphics that it has."

Until these PS3s are replaced, these conflicts are not going to stop. Moreover, Ken Kutaragi isn’t doing anything to prevent them.

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