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Playstation 3 actually a hoax

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Sunday, March 25, 2018, 03:46:59 (UTC)

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11 October 2006

"You may have guessed by now, but we have some important information regarding the machine..."

-ken Kuturagi shorttly before his death

Just hours ago, Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) revealed that the Playstation 3, the companies new home gaming console that is set make the biggest change to entertainment since life itself began, was nothing more than a hoax. A short press conference conducted at Sony's headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, revealed that the company simply "Made up a series of complex jargon terms that, when given in moderation, sound really really cool".

Sat at the desk of the press conference were Howard Stringer, Chairman of Sony International, Ken Kuturagi, Creator of the Playstation, as well as a group of PA's and advertising campaign leaders that were all a part of this enormously elaborate scam. Smug grins could be seen on the faces of all of the Sony Executives sat around the room, all of whom knew about this grand scheme the whole time.

However, what actually occurred during the conference was complely unknown to the corporations big cheeses; just how would the world receive this news? Within seconds of being told about this misdemenour, Dan Griffiths, editor of the presumptiously named publication PSM3 (Playstation 3 magazine) was up on the stage in front of hundreds of reporters, camera crews and photographers and had to be dragged off of Ken Kutugari by the Sony Vice Chairman. Security were quick to respond, however by the time thay had reached the hapless businessmen, Howard Stringer had been shot and the Sony banners set alight by disgruntled journalists.

Since this revelation, riots have had Tokyo police forces countering vast amounts of aggressive fans who have been attempting to destroy Sony buildings throughout the city. As much as this event may rupture Sony's reputation, it has shown that their persistence with including age 18 ratings for their violent games has prevented any minors from joining in with the violent protests.

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