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Pirates take illegal dump off the coast of Africaland

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Monday, February 19, 2018, 15:58:59 (UTC)

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22 November 2008

Cypriot-oil-tanker onfire

Some of the refuse was still floating at press time as the pirates rudely forgot to flush or put the toilet seat down

Big blue thing that washes up and down Pirates, masters of the high seas, attempted to increase their overall press coverage today by taking an illegal dump in the sea, pissing off Greenpeace and other environmental lobby groups to no end.

Illegal dumping is often practiced off the coast of Africa, as no official dumping license is required to take a dump.

"I said, sure, go ahead, take it!" dump manager M!botu intoned, "And they did. All of it."

The current whereabouts and net worth of the missing dump have been overshadowed by the veins popping out of the foreheads of all major environmentalists, who have formed a human and dolphin chain to contain the latest man-made catastrophe. Plans are in the works by the stalwart tree-hugging gang to deploy fireships against the offending pirate vessel.

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