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Pierce Brosnan jealous over Daniel Craig becoming the best Bond ever

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018, 15:27:59 (UTC)

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23 November 2006


Critics claimed that Craig made Bond looked like Chuck Norris while Brosnan made Bond looked like Pee-Wee Herman

LOS ANGELES, California -- Former james Bond Pierce Brosnan voiced his bitter jealousy of new James Bond Daniel Craig in today's editorial section of the New York Times. Brosnan is upset about how critics praising Craig and girls calling him hot, but barely anyone recognizes Brosnan's contributions to the Bond franchise. Casino Royale, the 21st Bond film in the series is considered better than that CGI crap Die Another Day, claims Brosnan

Although Daniel Craig's latest Bond film has been given a top 250 rating in IMDb which is certainly the major cause for Brosnan's frustrations, the lack of Bondness of the film is also to blame. For instance, the lack of Q and Moneypenny has been widely criticized, especially by a bunch of geeks. And also Craig's hair and ugly face,which also caused the creation of a anti-Craig website called www.craignotbond.com

Pierce Brosnan is outraged that Eva Green is hotter than Halle Berry. However, Brosnan said that "Green doesn't kick much ass than Michelle Yeoh, as depicted in Tomorrow Never Dies," recalls Mr. Brosnan, "I'm so glad that i still had Izabella Scorupco, Teri Hatcher, Famke Janssen, and Denise Richards, unlike Craig who only has Eva Green and Caterina Murino."

Brosnan himself said that he did more jobs as Bond than Craig during his heyday. In 1995, He stopped the Goldeneye satellite from attacking London. "London wouldn't be the city it was if not for that," bitterly commented the former Bond.

Asked what his favorite moment as Bond, it was when he was attacking the ship that belonged to Elliot Carver, Saying "I loved those days," he added that kissing Michelle Yeoh in water was great. He also recalled the time he drove around Moscow with a Romanian Tank. "It made The Cold Alive Again!" he added grimly.

The Bonds aside from Craig that Brosnan has a grudge against are "Sean Conenry and Roger Moore," he says. "They're out-of-towners; It's SPECTRE that let Connery famous. i used to admire Connery as Bond, but i admire Roger Moore better." Asked for any final thoughts, Pierce Brosnan answered, "Well, at least i married Cassandra Harris, since she was a Bond girl during Moore's era. Take that, Daniel Craig!"

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