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Philadelphia school being sued by students and parents after being caught spying with webcams

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Thursday, March 22, 2018, 19:24:59 (UTC)

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20 February 2010


Grade 12 Asian students doing their homework.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (UnNews) - A Philadelphia school is facing both criminal and civil penalties after being caught spying on both students and parents with school issued laptops that students had brought home with them. Michael Hunt, Principal of Harriton High School, at first denied the use of remotely controlled software and cameras to spy on students. Later, after confronted with evidence by police, is now admitting that he used the software to spy on both students and their parents. He issued a statement to UnNews claiming that all the women he spied on were at least 18 years of age and that he was actually more interested in the parents then the students. Said Hunt "I'm a regular at parent-teacher meetings and let me tell you, there are a lot of cougars that live around here. I would do anything to see some of them naked and now with these cameras I can". Hunt also admitted looking at some barely-legal 18-year-old hotties. "I know I sound like a dirty old man but some of the seniors here at the school are hot as hell, and they wear those skimpy little outfits, they are just asking to be seen naked" Hunt was quoted as saying. Sometimes Hunt would come in to his office early in the morning, turn on the cameras and watch female students and their mothers get changed, "It was a huge turn-on" says Hunt.

Students and their parents on the other hand were disgusted by the school's actions. Student Anita Mann stated that it is creepy that her old pervy principal can watch her anytime he wants. "I keep the computer in my room and it creeps me out to know that Principal Hunt can watch me anytime he wants. I could be masturbating or getting changed and that greasy old bastard could be watching at anytime, full of Viagra, wrinkly old cock in hand. It makes me sick to my stomach".


Ima Cougar, left, pictured with her brother Steve French

Ima Cougar, a 40-year-old smoking hot blonde MILF and the mother of two at the school, felt violated after pictures of her masturbating with a double penetration dildo surfaced on the internet. She found out about the pictures after she caught her 17-year-old son masturbating to them on the family computer.

Cougar and Mann are among the over 2,000 students and parents suing the school for invasion of privacy. Principal Hunt defends his actions by stating that no one under 18 was spied on and that the hotness of the senior students and their moms justifies his actions. He also states that the Patriot Act gives him the right to perform unauthorized and secret wiretaps. "If the government can do it, why can't I?". The case goes before a civil court April 1st. The criminal trial for Hunt and his school begins March 2nd.

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