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Peugeot Forced to Terminate Employees at UK Factory

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Thursday, March 22, 2018, 12:26:59 (UTC)

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9 May 2006

Westbridge On Ice, UK

Riots break out as French board of directors votes for termination of British employees.
"We simply cannot take it anymore" Said Francois Le Kak, CEO of Pegueot UK, in his outrageous accent.
It's not that we don't like them, they're cute and cuddly and build marvelous cars. We don't even mind that they're drunk most of the day or that they use that word...which one is it, BOLLOCKS??? freuquently. That's not it."

"It's the beans! The god damned baked beans! Beans on toast, beans on roast, beans on banana, beans a la carte! How can they stomach this foul foul thing?"
"Therefor, the Peugeot UK board of directors has no choice but to terminate all British employees as of now."

"Bollocks! who are they to terminate us?" said an angry Brit employee later identified as Prichard F. Philip "They're nothing but bloody foriegners, them and their stinky chansons, crappy creps"

"I really don't understand what's the big idea" said Le Kak "it's not like we didn't do it in the past, and naturally we will do it in a most humane way. I believe a bullet in the head or maybe a lethal dosage of garlic. We never thought of using a grue!"


A Grue. Not to be used in termination of British employees

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The Hundred Years War

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