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Peacock on Aussie 10 cents!

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018, 23:36:59 (UTC)

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6 August 2007

Today at a press conference in Canberra, Australia's Prime Minister made a special announcement about the ten cent coin, "Anybody who tells you that it's a Lyrebird has been sadly misinformed, Lyrebirds came from Easter Island infact, Peacocks are the animal to be respected"

"In 1774 English sailors set sail for Australia, but they never landed, they heard natives shouting in another language and they were such pussys, so they left" "They returned in a few weeks later after visiting India where they smuggled 110 live Peacocks to Australia, the natives heard the Peacocks miles away and ran away frightened of the monsters on the ships" "Meanwhile Lyrebirds had captured New Zealand and overthrown the Kiwis, who had swam to Easter Island. The Lyrebirds decided to take down Australia, so they swam to the East Coast where the Peacocks defended bravely, and defeated them, unfortunately a few Lyrebirds escaped and hid up North somewhere"

"The Kiwis swam back to New Zealand and reclaimed their land, but back in Australia the Peacocks were hit by disease and every last one of them died". One of the former settlers in Australia told the mint to put Peacocks on the back of ten cent coins, but unfortunately, they stuffed up their tails and they had a bad resemblance to Lyrebirds"

"In the 1990's Peacocks were reintroduced to Australia, but the Lyrebirds had stolen their territory, I am giving a 20c refund to all Australian's who capture Lyrebirds and bring them into the Animal control unit"

"I am thinking about putting Peacock heads on all the notes as well they have done our country proud" he concluded with tears in his eyes. 375x375 It's a peacock DAMMIT!

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