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Pastor is sentenced to life in prison for praying

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Saturday, March 24, 2018, 16:09:59 (UTC)

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27 July 2008

Generations church

The church where Katharine Bioche was offended and forced into prayer.

Nashville, TN -- Deep in the heart of the Bible Belt, sits the town of Bibletown, TN. This town is currently the center of one of the nation's biggest controversies in recorded history.

It was just a normal Sunday morning in Bibletown, TN. Everyone gathered at the local church for Sunday worship. When Katherine Bioche walked into the church, she claims her constitutional rights were violated. "I have never been so offended in my entire life. It was completely obvious that that man was forcing his religion on me. said Mrs. Bioche of the Evil Heathen Society. Rev. James Westfield was arrested later that afternoon for violating Mrs. Bioche's rights. " It's my church, I can call the congregation to pray if I want to," said Rev. James Westfield.

Rev. Westfield had asked founder of Focus on the Family, James Dobson, to represent him in court but Dobson's response was "We have bigger, more important issues to worry about, such as taking Spongebob off the air and condemning homosexuals". Instead the public defender was Rev. Westfield's attorney in court.

Mrs. Bioche put out a heartfelt speech about how the Reverend had forced his religion on her and how helpless she was. The final decision was made at 9:00 AM ET on July, 27, 2008. Rev. Westfield was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences for Violating Religious Rights. He will be eligible for parole in the year 2138.

Christian conservatives around the country are outraged by the fact that a pastor was persecuted for praying in his own church. "What is this country coming to? This never would have happened when I was younger." says 80 year old Bibletown citizen. Indeed, this is a very controversial court decision.

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