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Paris Hilton: "Is it 2007 already?"

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Friday, March 23, 2018, 07:35:59 (UTC)

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13 January 2007


She is still waiting.

New York City, NY - Paris Hilton has been reported to ask her dad whether the new year has come or not. The 25 year-old came out from her bedroom in an unsuitable dress while asking, "Dad, is it 2007 already?" Deciding not to answer, Richard Hilton told Paris to browse Wikipedia to find out more about real life.

After 13 days have passed in January, the so-called American singer and actress called some of her best friends to ask the same question, including Nicole Richie and Hugh Hefner, although no one has yet got an answer. For the past 14 days, paparazzis have gathered around Hilton's house in New York to get the latest news about her and her activities. Some reports said that Paris and her friends are locking the bedroom door and making their second video in green, after the debut in 2003.

Richard Hilton stated, "I just couldn't believe that she really said that to me, after the millions I have given to her." A different reaction came from Kathy Hilton who said, "She's my girl!".

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