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Parents protest against school's decision to serve curried yak to children

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018, 15:15:59 (UTC)

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9 January 2008


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HYSTERICAL MOTHERS OF PRIMARY PUPILS have lambasted their school for serving curried yak in all their children's lunches without their express consent. Parents were angered when sent a letter by the school informing them that the popular Peruvian dish had been used in all school meals as part of the school's "diversity and inclusion" policy.

The letter said the reason for the decision was that curried yak was universally regarded in the mountains of Peru as being a "dish that is good for clearing the disgestive pipes". The school was quick to reassure that the dish served to the youngsters was a "mild form of the curry" and so would not "cause excessive or dangerous flatulence in those that consume it."

The headmaster himself recently returned from the trek across Peru where he sampled and fell in love with the yak based delicacy though he did spend six days in hospital with an acute case of trapped wind. Tragically five nurses and a doctor died when the trapped gas was eventually expunged from his system.

But parents complained that they had not been consulted and said they were concerned that the potential dangers of curried yak and cited the numerous incidants where curried yak base flatulance has been the cause of "much distress and pain."

Now the angry parents have launched a petition protesting against the use of curried yak in all children's meals and calling on the school to "reverse this crazy decision". Parents were only informed of the change on the last day of winter term, after curried yak dishes had already been used in some dishes.

One parent, whose five-year-old son attends the school told Unnews: "In recent weeks my son has been stinking out the house and both his pet hamster and infirm Grandmother have died! It doesn't take a genius to guess why!"

Another mother, said: "I had my patio dug up thinking there was a dead body under it then I find out that my daughter has been eating this shit!"

But Vernon Poo, one of the founders of the Oxford Peruvian Curry Awareness Project, said: "this dishes has being served to baby for thousand month without problem."

"Maybe if parent stop feeding their childs cow brain this problems not emerging!"

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