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Palestinian Van Advocating World Peace Explodes, Killing 29

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Saturday, March 17, 2018, 05:06:59 (UTC)

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5 December 2013


White vans already had a bad reputation...

TEL AVIV, Israel --

Israeli authorities say a car bomb has killed twenty-nine people near a bus stop in southern Tel Aviv. Police officials say the blast happened Wednesday afternoon as commuters waited for a ride at a local bus stop. In addition to those killed, 58 were wounded. Most of the casualties were civilians who were looking forward to returning to their families.

Police colonel Hussein al-Tahemin said that the attacker targeted busy bus stop to instill fear in the Israeli people as well as to silence the voice of Jonathan Nalwaki, the son of the prominent and often vocal anti-Palestinian activist Gavriel Nalwaki, who was killed earlier during a tour into North Africa.

The attack comes in the wake of strained relations between Israel and Palestine over the terrorist status of Hamas, the leading political Palestinian party. Witnesses report a plain white van with the messages “Peace between Palestine and Israel through Diplomacy” and “We are not Terrorists” driving down a street towards a busy bus stop. Seconds later, a massive explosion rocked the neighborhood as the bomb concealed in the van detonated.

“I was so frightened” said a young girl at the scene. “I never knew that world peace was so violent”, finally proceeding to break into tears.

In a released statement, the Israeli government has “promised to bring justice to the victims by launching widespread airstrikes against the terror cell. Palestine has not claimed responsibility for the attack.

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