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Pakistan Leads in war on Global warming

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Thursday, March 22, 2018, 21:13:59 (UTC)

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31 March 2008

While countries like Australia,United Kingdom,Denmark may seem to be content in contributing the awareness of climate change by shutting off a few cities's power for one hour.The former Prime Minister of Pakistan takes this matter far more seriousely.Speaking exclusively to UNNEWS Pakistan's former Prime Minister Shokat 'Privatized' Aziz said that he has been a strong advocate of prevention of global warming.And in his period he has taken every possible measure to prevent it "Just take not setting up more power plants when we needed them,If we dont have electricity,people wont have to be asked to turn them off ...you know we have to put comfort of people in consideration too"

When told that the Load-shedding caused by these "power shortages" exceeded more than 7 to 12 hours in certain parts of the country every day he said "Well I am not a politian ,I am a human being first then a leader, shutting down power once a year for an hour isint enough, as the PM of this country I lead this country through unprecedended events to prove the world how little electricity we need to survive"

On being asked that Schools,Hospitals and Bloodbanks were also badly affected he former PM replied confidently "You see our policies are not linear,not having electricity doubles up as a Population control measure,just like exporting huge amout of wheat from the country" We had to terminate the interview prematurely because of a power s


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