UnNews:Outrage as pupils in school are told to "spin around until their heads fall off"

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Outrage as pupils in school are told to "spin around until their heads fall off"

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018, 15:15:59 (UTC)

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26 February 2008


Well on her way to low orbit, Samantha Ithamar Aaron in an insane Welsh person.

FISHGUARD, Wales -- A Welsh school has sparked outrage after pupils were ordered to spin themselves around "until their heads came spinning off", it emerged today. Students aged just 13 were bizarrely told to carry out the exercise during a Physics lesson in order to "demonstrate the action of extreme centrifrugal forces on the human body".

The school is situated just a few miles from an area which has been struck by a string of accidents that have been triggered by youths spinning about "like whirling dirvishes". Today the mother of John Persifude who ended up orbiting the Earth ten times before crashing into the Pacific Ocean last week said the task showed a "disgusting" lack of sensitivity in the wake of the "all this stupid spinning around".

And parents of the children who were asked to spin around on the spot "as fast as they could" said it was inappropriate to ask young children to engage in the potentially dangerous activity of spinning around on the spot as fast as you can.

One parent said: "It's dreadful they were asked to do this at such a sensitive time. All the children are aware what spinning about is a bit of a silly thing to do - what was this teacher thinking of?"

"The pupils are being asked to look like complete tits, my daughter said all the spinning around is making her depressed. It is a sick world when schools are telling kids to do this. I used to spin about a bit in my youth and it invariably ended up with me falling over and looking stupid."

The news comes just days after a Scottish school asked its pupils to "skid along polished floors on their knees" during a school disco.

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