Out of Shithole Africa film to go ahead

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Friday, February 15, 2019, 05:54:59 (UTC)

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9 October 2018


Melania Trump taking the Pith.

Cairo, Egypt -- United States First Lady Melania Trump has agreed to appear in a new film titled Out of Shithole Africa in honour of her husband President Donald Trump.

The film will be a very loose remake of Meryl Streep's movie Out of Africa. Melania will play Meryl Streep whilst she hopes a Donald approved actor would be Robert Redford. Someone like James Woods or Kanye West. Melania said:

Africa has got a lot bad since the last film was made. That's why this film will be important. It will celebrate all that was good for Africa, like making them learn foreign languages and wearing pants for dinner.


How it used to be done to improve living conditions in Africa. An army of redcoats and a musket volley.

The First Lady's promotion of her project has concentrated more on her pith helmet hat than any other message she was trying to put out. In America Melania's adventures in Africa were considered to be light relief from other angrier political stories going on.

Melania said she hoped to set up a charity to reflect her feelings about how Africa can be re-transformed. It will be called The White House Woman's Burden.

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