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Openly gay NFL player in another "first"

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018, 20:12:59 (UTC)

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30 August 2014


Michael Sam, formerly of the St. Louis Rams.

ST.LOUIS, Missouri -- Michael Sam, who earlier this year was the first openly gay athlete to be drafted by an NFL football team, has now become the first openly gay athlete to be cut by an NFL football team.

Sam was the 249th pick out of 256 players back in May during the NFL draft. A defensive end, Sam won the Southeastern Conference’s Defensive Player of the Year Award while playing for the University of Missouri last year, but failed to impress St. Louis Rams coaches enough to make the final 53 player roster.

ESPN cameras recorded him breaking down in tears and being consoled by his boyfriend after getting the pink slip in his locker from Rams coach Jeff Fisher.

President Obama congratulated the openly gay University of Missouri player, who made history Saturday when he was cut by the St. Louis Rams. Sam received a message from the President in the form of a White House statement issued Saturday:

Michael, I hope you continue to push boundaries and make break-throughs for openly homosexual people everywhere. — B.O.

Sam, who had long been considered destined for the pros, came out of the closet swinging after being drafted, but failed to emerge all the way into the dining room, due to lack of actual progress during practice and preseason.

Sam's first appearance on the NFL gridiron as a Ram broke a barrier for gay players playing in pre-season games, and his consignment to practice squads or semi-pro teams breaks yet another.

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Sam's agent issued a statement: "While I am super happy for the chances I was given, which I failed to fully take advantage of, I'm happy to break another barrier. It is my sincere hope that one day an openly gay man will get to play even a minute of regular season football in the NFL."

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