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UnNews Editorial:Why are some Democrats pushing to relieve the ladies of their civil rights?
Bart Stupak official 109th Congress photo

MARQUETTE, Michigan -- Bart Stupak is a different kind of Democrat. He is an excellent example of a trend in modern American religion to blur denominational lines in the name of Christian idealism. Yes, Mr Stupak, dissatisfied with just telling his wife how to think, has now decided to tell every other American woman how to think too, by championing the Democratic cause for hope, change and outlawing abortion.

Bartholomew Thomas "The Inquisitor" Stupak has been a Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives since 1993, representing Michigan's 1st congressional district. Many of his constituents live in the Upper Peninsula area of Michigan, home of secessionist wackos, who hope to create a 51st state called Superior. Apparently, this group of inbred militia enthusiasts is what passes for "Real Americans" in the mind of the Senator. more...

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