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UnNews Editorial: Palin gals circle wagons against retard "haters"
Palin hot

OK, so Sarah Palin said what, now? I was falling asleep during a local news broadcast, when I heard an announcer say. "or Seth MacFarland hatches devious plot to expose Sarah Palin as an idiot. Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin and her crazy daughter Britney have gone ballistic on Cabal stooge Seth MacFarland, creator of the animated sitcom series, "Family Stuff".

I attributed what I heard to the excellent quality of the weed I've been smoking lately, when I rouse myself a bit to hear about Bristol Palin: she says "Family Guy" Producers Are "Heartless Jerks" on her mother's Facebook account. "Jesus," I thought to myself, "this ought to be good." more...

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