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UnNews Editorial: Bibleman? Really?

UnNews staffers lead exciting lives. Writing, proofreading, editing, and administration aside, I find deletion the most satisfying of our duties. Simply ruining other peoples work with changes, although delightful, pales by comparison. Article deletion is an exercise in power, a raw expression of one users superiority to another user, and I'm not ashamed to say, "I love it."

Picture deletion is a different matter. There is no assumption of attachment of the uploader to the picture uploaded to Uncyclopedia. Even when I hate Hate HATE the user who uploaded it, I can never be sure they care one whit if I assign it to the hereafter. At least if a user, or even an anonymous IP, takes the pains to type some words in a certain order and save them as an article, I'm certain that I've deleted the result of a conscious effort to create something. It borders on the orgasmic. more...

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