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Olympic success comments cause Twitter meltdown

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Friday, March 23, 2018, 21:19:59 (UTC)

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23 August 2016


LONDON –– Social media deems MP Heather Wheeler’s British Empire remarks ‘politically incorrect’.

The Empire's Olympic medal haul at the Rio Games has broken a long-standing record this year, comprising 431 gold, 351 silver and 152 bronze medals. Conservative MP Heather Wheeler shared her joy on Twitter, posting: “Now that’s what I call winning!!! Well done Team GB & all our Commonwealth friends, now for the Trade Agreements!” Her comments in support of the British Empire's achievements drew mainly negative responses, as Twitter users formed a bandwagon to condemn Wheelers comments as ‘anti-EU’.

Condemning the MPs comments @FrankBooth said: “Possibly the most politically incorrect post I’ve ever read, and sounds very anti-EU to me. Can't believe Wheeler just compared the Empire to the EU. What planet is she on? You can’t say that. Using ‘freedom of speech’ as a defence for criticising the EU will only last a short while before they come banging on her door. I hope she doesn’t have any kids. #WheelersEmpire #Asking_for_trouble

Others took a more political view and made direct comparisons between the British Empire and the EU. @JennyPittEU4EVA posted: “Oh my God, Wheeler Directly comparing The British Empire's medal tally to the EUs? Are you mad? Why are you so Anti-EU? The EU invented the Olympics! The unification of Europe is the single most important thing that could ever happen in this world, and yet with your comments you mock its righteous directive. The British Empire is simply in the way of EU dominance and will be gone soon enough so that the EU can gain complete control over all of Europe's citizens. Will you be mocking us when we imprison you for your outspoken criticism? I don’t think so. God save the EU. #WheelerTHEbellend #KillWheelerTHEfascist

Despite the largely negative criticism of Wheeler’s comments she has found support in the name of Conservative Digital Comms editor, Mark Wallop who told Total Politics via fax: “What a bunch of f*****g numpties, everything has been taken out of context, as usual. F**k the EU and its b******t medal tally, I'm F*****g British and proud of our Empire, and it will outlive Hitler's old EU project, you can count on it!”.

Both Wheeler and Wallop have refused to apologise for their comments despite pressure from the Conservative Party.

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