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29 October 2008

Gas Price Expected To Drop To (0.05) By Election Day

Oil Rich Texas County, Now!
Spokesman for the oil industry have admitted the current gasoline price spiral is expected to continue to as low as negative 5 cents. At that price, the windfall profits tax, put in place during the Carter Adminstration will start subsidizing the oil companies.

Welcome Market Manipulation??!!

B.P. Shellexxon, the CEO of the Oil Operations Petroleum Energy Corporation (OOPEC) was quoted as saying he is sure whomever wins the current election will do the best job they know how. But if it happens to be the Republican Candidate, the price drop would be worth it.

Histerically. the oil price has always dropped going into an election, This despite ramping up production for the heating season. Economists have long argues illegal arbitrage and seignorage as well as loss leaders have long been the culprit. Prices of Hostess Minimuffins are expected to rise to $4.95 a pack and smokes to $50 a carton. All in the spirit of Negative Campaign ads.

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