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Obama sworn-in, again, immediately arrested

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Saturday, March 24, 2018, 20:31:59 (UTC)

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22 January 2009

By: UnNews Staff Reporter, Washington DC

President Barack Obama was re-sworn in today in a private ceremony at the White House and immediately arrested for possession of an illegal firearm. Following fluffs in the original ceremony the President re-took his vows of office and then took out his 44 magnum and waved it around shouting

"Do you feel lucky punks"

Federal agents instantly pounced and took the felon away to the federal penitentiary.

A spokesman for Obama said

"Hey he comes from the south side of Chicago. When he heard that the original vows of office for presidency 44 were null and void he assumed it was because he wasn't packing his 44 magnum. Hell all the brothers from Chicago are packing heat, even brother Obama has popped a cap in a few asses in his time."

Obama was arraigned for trial on the 1st Feb.

A spokesman for President Biden pro tem said

"With this arrest the ordinary state of affairs has been resumed in the Government"

He denied that this comment referred to the race of the former President.

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