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Obama privatizes kidnapping industry

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Friday, March 23, 2018, 20:59:59 (UTC)

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28 June 2015

Obama looking smug

Oh, Barack, you've found your way around another legal dilemma!

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- U.S. President Barack Obama opened the door for "crowd-funding" of the Muslim kidnapping industry, saying his administration will no longer prosecute Americans who give money to al-Qaeda for the return of a loved one.

The law bars Americans from giving "material assistance" to a "terrorist organization." However, Mr. Obama said he still has his notorious "pen and a phone." This means he does not have to wait for Congress to act. While he cannot change the law — apparently, only Chief Justice John Roberts can do that — he can "decline to enforce it," as he recently did for 5 million Mexicans who overstayed their visas and needed fresh new work permits.

Thus, if an American family of a kidnapping victim wishes to pay its own money for the return of a loved one, the U.S. will not stand in the way. Mr. Obama said hostage families "should never feel victimized by their own government," even when victimized by al-Qaeda — unless they are high earners who don't need all that money from a business they didn't really build anyway, or smokers or medical device manufacturers.

The law may say the U.S. Government can't pay for something, but Mr. Obama has always said, "Yes, we can!" Comparably, Obama-care had to promise Republicans that the government would never pay for abortions. So it is the policyholder who pays for abortions instead. Even deadbeats who get subsidized insurance through an Exchange write a separate check for $1 for this important and obligatory insurance coverage.

Mr. Obama said, "I am reaffirming that the government will not make concessions, such as paying ransom, to terrorist groups." It will just wink when others do so. He clarified that no one had ever been prosecuted for paying a ransom, meaning that his policy change was both revolutionary and insignificant. He did not address the possibility that it will result in brand new hostages being kidnapped, or that Islamic sleeper cells inside the U.S. might send a member to Arabia to pretend to be a hostage, so that sending a remittance to ISIS would "liberate" him to use the rest of his round-trip ticket.

By comparison, Bush made really serious mistakes, such as not guessing correctly what weapons existed inside Iraq, and Cheney was hostile toward gays, except for his daughter, maybe.

House Speaker John Boehner said he was concerned that "you could be endangering more Americans here and overseas." But he did not say whether he would file a lawsuit, have Congress resolve to overturn the decision ten years from now, or simply hold his breath until he turned some color other than orange. He did promise not to hold up funding for any government department. That would be extreme.

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